Security is the most important thing today, so defacto for everyone, whether you're a private individual, a freelancer, a company or a practice. It is an absolute must. It affects every one of us, whether privately or professionally. Nobody wants to lose their own or customer data, be blackmailed and/or have these data published, nor to discover inexplicable bank transfers, etc.

But security is also to protect your own and/or customer data, your knowledge and skills. The attacks are carried out with increasing precision, are highly complex and highly technical; however, all attacks usually always start with a gateway: your own device, an email, ..

But security also means data protection, thus customer trust, which needs to be developed and ensured; it may be playful very quickly. Do not hesitate to contact us ..

Why IT Security important is ..

IT Security - Your advantages & our features at a glance ..


Monitoring / analysis of network traffic to ensure security and confidentiality.


Network security towards "inside" and "outside".


Storage / data security "inside" and "outside"; Basics such as access restrictions & policies as well as data protection: confidential data, in the cloud or in the network/local.


Access protection and access security as an indispensable part of security.


Device access protection, encryption and updates as well as the basics like firewall, antivirus, trojans and spam protection as well as access rights etc.